About us

The “21st Century Scientist is a project by Lene Topp form TOPP Advice and Visuality. We have been involved in making science more impactful in society. We believe in the potential of science and scientists in policy making, in industry, in the social sector and in society as a whole. Regretabely, they are currently not living up to their potential. We believe science is pivotal in addressing the root causes of the most pressing societal issues like the green transition, artificial intelligence and biodiversity.

In our trainings and coaching we focus on the competences that are required for scientists to be impactful in their collaboration and communication with non-academic actors.

Our trainers and coaches have different disciplinary backgrounds and have experience from working with academic institutions, private businesses, international organisations, NGOs and think tanks from across Europe.


Our trainers & coaches

Lene Topp

Lene is a strong advocate for better collaboration between scientists, policy makers and society in general.

Sven Retoré

Sven has a keen focus on adult learning and the interface between science, policy making and communication.

Mara Callaert

Mara is a creative change-maker, passionate about human interaction, communication and sustainability.

Our designers

Maria Foulquié

Maria has an avid interest in (visual) storytelling, whether it be the story behind a building, person, or idea.

Teresa Vetter

Teresa loves to transform complex content into a simple visual form and create infographics that make life easier.

Pauline Vidal

Pauline is slightly obsessed with typography, printed goods, illustration. She enjoys working on meaningful projects with kind and ethical people.

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