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If you spend months or even years on scientific research, it would be shame if that goes unnoticed. Creating a narrative that is comprehensible and maybe inspirational for others can help you to get your message out and create a real impact, whether that is with colleagues, policy makers or even a wider audience. Take a look at how we can help you with that.


Empowering informed policies

Science and scientists are currently underused by decision makers. 

Science is pivotal to deal with the “wicked problems” the world is facing today, such as the digital and green transitions, the use of artificial intelligence. To address them, an unparalleled level of scientific knowledge and expertise is required. However, getting the best available science to decision makers when they need it, seems to be a challenge. 

This training will equip you with all the necessary skills to approach policy makers and get your message across. 


More impact, together

Groundbreaking science often emerges when brilliant minds collaborate. However, collaboration with others also brings new challenges. Different personalities, work methods, perspectives, and competences can create conflict. 

Our training course equips scientists with the essential skills needed to work effectively within a team. We’ll teach you how to overcome communication obstacles, resolve conflicts, and navigate the intricacies of collaboration in the scientific world. 

Join us on this transformative journey towards more harmonious and productive teamwork, where unity in diversity fuels innovation. Click here for more detailed information.


Get what you need, without conflict

As scientists, you are  used to give hearsh feedback on research papers and publications. While that might be needed to to produce excellent science, it doesn’t serve us well when working with others. 
Our Non-violent communication (NVC) workshop equips you with essential tools to enhance communication skills crucial for your professional journey. Learn to express yourself authentically, listen empathetically, and gracefully navigate challenging discussions. By applying NVC’s core principles in your scientific interactions, you can foster better collaboration, build stronger research teams, and contribute to a more harmonious and productive scientific community.  


Your audience at your lips

Ever noticed how during some keynote speeches, the audience can’t help but bury their heads in their phones out of sheer boredom? 

At our storytelling workshop, we turn the tables. We’ll teach you how to captivate your audience so effectively that they might still be on their phones, but not out of distraction, but because they can’t wait to share the incredible keynote they’ve just experienced. Join us to upskill your keynote presentations and make your next conference appearance truly unforgettable.


Engagement at your finger tips

Say goodbye to the dreaded “Death by PowerPoint” scenario.
We can help you to create amazing Powerpoint presentations that will keep your audience interested and engaged. Our approach places storytelling at the forefront, allowing us to craft visually stunning slides that seamlessly complement your content.
We follow the principle that form follows function. This means you can concentrate on what you excel at – your research – while we transform your ideas into compelling presentations that leave a lasting impression.


Clarity in every word

As scientists, your work often involves complex ideas and intricate research findings. However, we firmly believe that complexity should not hinder effective communication.

In this workshop, we empower you with the skills and strategies to convey even the most intricate concepts in a manner that is clear, concise, and readily comprehensible to both peers and the broader audience.

We help you transform your scientific discourse into a powerful tool for knowledge dissemination, ensuring that your  insights can be embraced and understood by a wider audience.


Visuals make magic

Do you want to use the power of visuals and drawing to make your science, presentations or classes more effective?

In this training, you will learn how to visualize concepts and shape ideas with confidence. You will no longer hesitate to intervene in a meeting, produce illustrative schemes, or present with flipcharts instead of PowerPoint slides.

In one day, we will cover the basics of both visualization and facilitation techniques.

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