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If you spend months or even years on scientific research, it would be shame if that goes unnoticed. Creating a narrative that is comprehensible and maybe inspirational for others can help you to get your message out and create a real impact, whether that is with colleagues, policy makers or even a wider audience. Take a look at how we can help you with that.


Complexity at a glance

You want more than just some bar charts that don’t really help the understanding of the reader? You believe that visuals can help understanding? 
Our information designers can help you find the narrative in your research during a co-creation session.
Based on that they create amazing storytelling infographics that take your reader through your whole story like they did the research themselves.


Stand out from the crowd

Struggling to get your message on a scientific poster? We can help with that.
After a co-creation session with you, our information designers can create a clear and exciting poster that will propel you to being the talking point of the conference.
We can even add augmented reality (AR) to bring that extra spark.


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Engagement at your finger tips

“Death by Powerpoint”? Not for you!
We can help you to create amazing Powerpoint presentations that will keep your audience interested and engaged. First we focus on the story. Then we build amazing slides around your information.
Form follows function so you can focus on what you know best, your research!


Understanding in motion

The world is moving and so is the way we consume knowledge. In line with this reality, explainer videos have emerged as a powerful and captivating medium for communicating scientific results. In an era where complex scientific discoveries are made regularly, it’s crucial to bridge the gap between researchers and the general public. Explainer videos do just that, by breaking down intricate scientific concepts into engaging and accessible content.

Our explainer videos can bring insights in a captivating way.

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