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Modern science often requires team work and that is not always easy. In order to make a good start or get back on track it could to have an external support to help you create the right conditions for productive teamwork


A good start is half the battle

“Creating a team from scratch, ready to tackle complex challenges, isn’t a simple task.

It involves getting to know one another, setting ground rules, defining roles, and blending diverse working cultures. Sometimes, a bit of external assistance can make a significant difference. Count on us for support. With expertise in Organizational and Relationship Systems Coaching, Radical Collaboration, and deep democracy, we understand both teams and scientists. Plus, we make the process enjoyable!”


Good collaboration is the key to success

Many teams deal with ongoing issues—conflicts that keep resurfacing, sometimes predictably, sometimes as surprises. Also,  new team members or changing roles can upset the balance, and the influence of departed team members may linger. An outside view can help to look at the team from a different perspective and bring fresh insights. That’s precisely what we bring to the table. We’ll uncover hidden challenges and help you smoothly integrate these insights into a renewed work culture.

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